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2013/09 to 2022/02

Mere Cottage, Linnetts Lane, Sturmer, Essex, CB9 7XW

07890 987 026's clients have included Sky, Huawei, Samsung, Yenka, Kindid amongst others and I liaised with others such as Broadcomm, ARM on behalf of my clients


I can work fully remotely from my own office or on-site and will provide a per-customer VM. We are fully insured, VAT registered, employ an accountant etc

Samsung Electronics Research Institute

2010/05 to 2013/09

Communications House, South Street Staines Surrey, TW7 4AF

HR 01784 428600

At Samsung I worked on the Android graphics stack fixing problems and optimising fundamental graphics algorithms whilst inventing new techniques and analysis.

I worked extensively with hardware GPU vendors, proofed specifications and also wrote C, C++, Java and ARM NEON assembler code in the quest for better performance on Samsung Android devices. I also wrote and reviewed specifications, produced project plans, monitored project progress, produced reports and much more. APIs used include the Android Java class hierarchy, Qt for creating analysis, visualisation and ad-hoc developer tools, ARM NEON assembler, C, C++ and occasional PERL scripting for data collection and sanitisation.

Burnttoys Ltd

2009/07 to 2010/05

9 Leighton Road, Kentish Town, NW5 2QD

I was contracted by DDN working on a client/server music application. This involved the design and implementation of a music player and on-line music store for Windows and OS X. This included UI/UX, secure purchase of music, user validation, log-in and much more besides, XML Schema etc

During this time I also worked on several company websites using LAMP technologies

Almost all of my work was conducted using Qt, Qt Creator and MS Dev Studio. Small amounts of OS interfacing were required for OS X to implement a scheme handler allowing custom URLs embedded in web-pages to launch our application. Media playback was provided by several libraries as we fought to provide the best possible user-experience.

Yamaha Research Labs

2007/06 to 2009/07

3 Devonhurst Place, Chiswick, London, W4 4JD

Atsuko Fletcher : 020 8987 9595

The main work was the creation, design and implementation of a project called BODiBEAT, a combined music player and exercise recorder. The PC software was an iTunes-alike package that also displayed vital statistics logged during a users run. This was written in Qt/C++.

Myself and the team then used C# and XAML to port this application to the web as a Silverlight web-app. I am particularly impressed with LINQ.

After this some work on Azure platform as a proxy log-in and cloud storage system which would allow the user to take control of networked Yamaha devices. In addition to this some work was done on to tunnel to USB connected music devices through web-browser plug-ins. For this I used Qt to create both a web-browser plugin and a system tray application that kept track of the connected devices.

Archway London

2007/01 to 2007/06

Archway, London, N16

Archway-London was a LAMP stack based web service. I collected information on every shop, company, office in N19 and created a web service to allow them to be edited. Specialisms allowed, for example, shops to store opening hours and companies to list keywords describing their operations. Maps where fully integrated.

A pseudo-hierarchical taxonomy allowed a user could refine a search to a small selection of providers in just a few clicks

Revenue was collected from users by allowing them to extend or promote their organisation and from Google AdSense

3D Labs - Defunct - Became Part of Creative Labs, then Zii Labs and is now part of Intel

2005/10 to 2006/12

Apex Court, Bristol, Meadlake Place, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8HE

At 3D Labs I was involved in the creation of host and device software for an interesting parallel processor targeting graphics. The device was an array of in-order SIMD processors with each having their own conditional flags so that instructions could be masked on a per-processor basis although the same code would be executed on all. A form of ring bus utilising registers allowed communications between devices. The parallel array was backed by 2 ARM7 cores one for OS functions the other for auxillary, mostly serial, tasks the device was not well equipped for. I wrote both control (ARM7) software and device software in both C and Assembler. In addition to this I also wrote/extended/debugged off device logging, visualisation and simulation code/apps in C,C++,Ruby,PERL and others

Sensaura - Defunct - Became Part of Creative Labs

2002/11 to 2004/11

Hayes & Harlington. Later Egham, Surrey. Meadlake Place, Thorpe Lea Road, Egham, Surrey, TW20 8HE

Sensaura designed and implemented 3D audio algorithms and software. Initially marketed towards integration into game engines we moved the software to a WDM filter driver and sold this to PC audio CODEC manufacturers for integration into their driver stack. The value-add for those manufacturers using our software was that their bare AC97/Azalia CODEC now had 3D audio support! One particularly interesting product I worked on was one to mimic 5:1 surround sound system on headphones by placing the speakers on a virtual sound stage.

Primary Image Limited : Defunct

2001/11 to 2002/09

Millbank House 171-185 Ewell Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 6AX

The main focus as Primary Image was the creation of an early AR system. This allowed the mapping of panoramic 360ยบ imagery with 3D models and physics. Further details are subject to the OSA.

Videologic - Now Imagination Technologies

1997/04 to 2000/12

Home Park Estate, Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, WD4 8LZ

When I started I was working on optimizing drivers for GDI and D3D for *3rdparty* chipsets - notably those from Cirrus Logic and Tseng. But it was at this time that it was clear that the previous industry model of separate silicon/software/board providers was no-longer working and silicon providers started producing reference boards and reference sofware which, innevitably, became the gold standard. ImgTech pivoted to become a combined hardware/software provider. I wrote both driver code, device code and analytics code during this process as well as providing future durections and specifications to enhance nextgen products.

Chadwyck-Healey Ltd - Now ProQuest Information and Learning

1995/06 to 1997/04

The Quorum, Barnwell Road, Cambridge

Pi Research Ltd - Now part of Cosworth Group

1990/07 to 1993-07

Milton Cambridge, CB4 6WZ

Other Contracts. Short term/Gigs etc

I have worked many short term and directly customer facing gigs. Here are a few.

Arcane Apparatus


Photoshop, PERL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Design, LAMP, Linux, MySQL

Trash Inc


Photoshop, PERL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Design, LAMP, Linux, MySQL



C, C++, NSIS, Windows Installation Scripts, Batch files, Dev Studio, Compiler Tech



C, C++, Perforce, Radio Interfaces, Audio, Abstractions

Laluna Central


Photoshop, PERL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Design, LAMP, Linux, MySQL

Seraphim Lingerie


Photoshop, PERL, PHP, HTML, CSS, Design, LAMP, Linux

DDN Global


Qt, C#, C++, Visual Studio, OpenGL, Widgets, UI, UX, HTTP Protocol, Security, Windows, Audio

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